My collar is…

Hello everyone! Petal here!
Yesterday I posted some black and white photos of my new collar and had you guys guess what color it is. Most of you smart little humans were correct with your guess of…

 photo purplecollarpetal.png


My new collar is purple.

(Yes, my ear fluff is as silky soft as it looks in that picture. Mom rubs it against her face daily… she’s a bit of a weirdo.)

 photo purplecollarpetal2.png

It’s pretty, isn’t it? It’s also super soft. It’s a White Pine Soft Slip collar. It’s a limited slip/martingale/whatever you prefer to call it; I have a scary habit of backing out of regular collars (I’m getting pretty good at backing out of certain harnesses too! I think it’s impressive, but Mom disagrees).

To those of you who guessed right, I’ll give you kissies.
Come closer…



… On second thought… YOU may kiss ME.
On the nose.
Go ahead,

 photo kissmynose.png
I’m ready.

14 thoughts on “My collar is…

  1. LOL – oh, I would sooooooo love to smooch that nose of yours, Petal. Consider yourself kissed. (And I wouldn’t mind running my face through your ear tufts either – mom’s not so weird, it’s a hu-thing.)

    Pretty collar, we’re going to check it out. (Bella is very good at getting out of her collar and harnesses as well.) Thanks for the tip.

    • Aw, thanks Leslie. I suppose you can nuzzle my ear tufts too. 😉

      You’re welcome! Just don’t tell Bella that the tip came from us! We don’t want her to think we like stripping away a dog’s freedom or anything. ;P

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