She is the master

Petal decided to a play a game of hide-and-seek a few days ago…

 photo petalhidingunderblanket.png

She is the master at hiding.
It took me ages to find her.

Whoa! That was you under that blanket, Petal?
I had no idea.

She was very upset with my sister, who was loudly popping her gum (Petal does not like that sound, it’s scary and sounds like the nail gun that was used when our kitchen was remodeled, she has hated gum popping ever since; we’re working on that), so she hid under my blanket even after my sister spat out the gum and apologized profusely to her.

Happy weekend! 😉
Hope you guys have fun and/or relaxing plans!

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7 thoughts on “She is the master

  1. Don’t blame her, them nails guns scare me also, they reroofed next door and I went nuts for a day. You hide Pedal. not jus milk it for the petting and hugs the rest of the day!

    Your Pals
    The Mad Scots

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