Hot Chocolate and Emu

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I took Lassie for our usual one on one walk this morning. It’s a chilly, storm cloudy day today, so I took a mug of hot chocolate with me. 😉

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No hot chocolate for Lassie, but he did get some cheese for his modeling services.

This morning I decided to go a slightly different route rather than our routine one, because why not?
We walked down a street we’ve never been down before. We saw a man checking his mail with his very old dog by his side. I saw a Border Collie keeping a close eye on me and Lassie, who never saw him as far as I know. We saw chickens (who run really funny, by the way, like a kid who’s pants are falling down) and a horse or two and plenty of other dogs. But the most interesting animal we saw had to be these guys:

 photo whattheemu.png

I saw them and started taking pictures with my iPod. Lassie saw them, stared, and then went straight to the fence for a closer look.

 photo bigchickensemu.png

He didn’t bark or growl, he just stared at these strange giant birds.
Even still, I called him right back to me after he got a good look at them. I didn’t want him to make them mad and one of them seemed to be working up the nerve to approach him.

 photo emulassie.png

I think Emu is the strangest animal Lassie has ever seen.

Lassie wants to know, what’s the oddest animal you have ever seen?

7 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate and Emu

  1. Well, for one thingy, never ever see one of them big chickens. For mus Just some goats behind us, but they are freindly!

    Your Pals
    the Mad Scots

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