My dog takes her baby to bed

So I have this Collie Webkinz.
Actually, I have two.
They’re adorable and the other day I thought, “Hey, I have two, so why not share one with Lassie and Petal?”
So I dug one of them out. I give him to Petal every now and then when Penny is occupied with a Kong (she would kill him, haha).

One night I pulled him off the bookshelf and gave him to Petal saying, “Petal take your baby to bed!”
Then I was pleasantly surprised when she took him and carried him off to the couch where she had previously been sleeping.
I was also bummed that I hadn’t thought to record it.

Lucky for me she did it again the next day and this time I recorded it.
Ignore my squeaky little voice. I don’t know why I talk to Petal like that sometimes. Maybe because she’s so cute. Maybe I’m just insane, who knows.

Night night Petal and Nameless Baby!
What should we call her baby? Any suggestions?

P.S. I almost forgot!
Some of your guesses for what Petal was doing yesterday were very, very close! She was enjoying some frozen snacks out of her Kong. I don’t know why she was eating on her head. I’ve never seen her do that before, silly dog.
Your guys’ guesses were really amusing. I really liked the guess about her searching the cushion for goodies because she actually does that daily while making all sorts of snorting sounds in the cushions. It’s hilarious.

5 thoughts on “My dog takes her baby to bed

    • She did! She knows what “Go to bed” and “Bedtime” means, but I’ve never asked her to take her baby to bed before, so I wasn’t entirely expecting her to. I was hoping, but not expecting, haha.

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