A Few of Our "Must Have" Items

I own a lot of dog stuff. It’s accumulated over the years of owning dogs. There are certain items that are just fun to have and then there are others that I wouldn’t want to get by without.
I put together just a few items that the Collies and I use regularly. Items that make life with two large dogs easier.
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1. We use our Popware for Pets collapsible feeder daily. I love it. A lot. The legs are adjustable and can go from 8″ to 13″. The legs can also be folded up underneath the stand for storage or travel and the bowls are collapsible as well. It’s very convenient and a life safer, or more appropriately, a teeth safer. The BPA Free rubber bowls are, I feel, gentler on Petal’s front teeth which inevitably hit the bottom of the bowl as she eats thanks to her massive overbite. Hearing her top teeth clanking at the bottom of her stainless steel bowl laid on the hard tile floor made my teeth hurt, I can’t imagine she liked it very much. No teeth clanking with these elevated rubber bowls.
2. This swivel clip (well, not this exact one, ours are not silver (too bad, because it looks nicer!)) that I picked up from Jo-Ann craft and fabric store makes moving dog tags from collar to collar or harness to harness much easier! They seem pretty durable so far, Lassie and Petal have been wearing them for over a year now and they haven’t broken, though the color has worn off.
3. The Coolaroo dog cot is the greatest dog bed I have ever owned, hands down. It’s not very cute or pretty, but the dogs adore it more than any other bed. In the summer they’ll usually choose the dog cot over the couch for sleeping. It’s also a breeze to clean. Spray it down with white vinegar and you’re good to go! If it’s particularly dirty, you can hose it off in the tub or outside with the garden hose. It’s the most durable dog bed I have owned so far. It was also only $30 for the large size in green on Amazon.
4. The Sporn double leash is the best. This is my second one. I had one for Lassie and Ella but it, unfortunately, was chewed apart by a houseguest (a doggy houseguest, of course, haha). A few years of living without it went by and then I finally replaced it and wondered why I went so long without it! Lassie and Petal use it quite often. It has a cushioned handle that I love, a swivel near the handle to help prevent tangling, and a snap to adjust the two leashes. You can adjust it so the dogs have some room to walk apart or you can have them walk close together. You can even make one dog’s leash longer than the other’s which is great for walking a small dog and a big dog together, or for when Petal is misbehaving and needs a shorter leash. 😉 I also love that the clips aren’t your traditional clips. These are much more secure.
5. Gotta have poop bags! Earth Rated poop bags are the only scented poop bags I have found so far that don’t give me a headache or make me feel ill by intensifying the scent of the poop. They’re also biodigradable and nice and long. Plus they’re cute. Hey, if you gotta pick up dog doo, may as well do it with a cute bag, right?

6 thoughts on “A Few of Our "Must Have" Items

  1. We LOVE Earth Rated Poop Bags. Those are the only poop bags we use and the quality is unbeatable. I have to admit; the lavender smell kind of makes me cringe now since I associate it with dog poop 😛

  2. I’ve been looking into beds of a similar style. Glad to know they’re well received at your house, and the ones you use are much cheaper!

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