Lassie books

In yesterday’s Black and White Sunday post I mentioned that we got a new book.
We actually got two new books.
Both of which are Lassie books and both are from the generous Jade.

 photo lassiebooksfromjade.png

She sent me Lassie and the Cub Scout,
 photo lassiecubscout.png

She also sent me a copy of Lassie Come-Home by Eric Knight.
I could not have been more excited about this one.
 photo lassiecomehomeericknight.png

When Jade tagged me in her Instagram of these lovely books and asked me for my address so she could send them to me, I think I had stars in my eyes. Was that seriously Lassie Come-Home? It can’t be.
I contained my excitement as best I could when sending Jade my mailing address. 
Because I didn’t want to jinx anything, but mostly because I am going to be 22 and the 12 year old girl inside me was screaming at the top of her lungs with excitement. 12 year old me use to check this book out from the library over and over again. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on this book.
However, I am an adult now (don’t laugh), I did not want to look ridiculous. So I kept my excitement at a reasonable level.
I own it! I own it! I own it!

Enjoy these pictures! :)

 photo readingtogether.png
“What are we reading?”

 photo lassiewlassie.png
I had a “I can’t believe this handsome Collie looking up at me use to be nothing but a dream.” moment while taking this picture.

 photo lassiewlassie2_2.png photo lassiewlassie3.png
Long nosey nose.

Some of you may remember when Jade sent me my first Lassie book. Since then I have received four more Lassie books making a grand total of five. I went from having zero Lassie books to five in less than a year thanks to kind friends.

 photo lassiebookcollection.png
Bottom two are from my best friend Carly and top three are from my lovely friend Jade.

 photo readingtogether2.png

Who would’ve thought that one day I wouldn’t just be reading about and dreaming of owning a Collie, but writing about and being loved by two of them?
I’m incredibly lucky.

 photo lassiecomehome.png
Thank you again, Jade!

P.S. Love vintage stuff? Check out Jade’s Etsy shop for vintage treasures!

Just a quick note so you guys know: I was not asked to share a link to Jade’s shop in exchange for these books. I was not asked to blog about them or Jade or her shop. Jade sent them to me out of kindness. I’m just sharing the link to her store for anyone who may be interested (she’s got some great stuff in her shop!) and as a small token of my appreciation.

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves rereading this kind of book from our childhood! My favorite collie books though were the Lad books. Have you read those ones? I think the first one is called Lad, A Dog.

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