Dog Hair

Unless you own a hairless dog/a dog that doesn’t shed, you’ve probably found dog hair in plenty of places. There’s the obvious places and then there’s the How In The World Did That Get There? places.
Obvious places include:
Furniture (it is called furniture after all)
Your face
etc. etc. etc.
I don’t know about you, but when I first saw this saying (or one similar to it) on a mug a few years ago, I laughed. How perfect. Every dog owner should have one.
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(image source: Amazon)
We pick dog hair out of our food and drink more often then we’d like to admit.
Sometimes I find a Collie hair in my food when I’m dining out. Just a subtle reminder from Lassie and Petal that I left them home with nothing and I had better bring them a doggy bag.
To keep the hair from taking over, we keep an abundant supply of lint rollers (we get a big package of them from Costco, yay Costco), we vacuum and sweep often, and I do my best to keep up with their grooming by brushing them daily (usually). I also feed them the best food I can (homemade in our case) and, though I can’t be sure, I think that helps too.
But there’s still dog hair, of course. I don’t mind it. It completes my outfits.
However, it does wind up in some odd places from time to time.
Last night, as I got ready for bed (already half asleep, might I add), I glanced in the mirror and noticed a grey hair poking out from my curls.
Now my 22nd birthday is approaching, but c’mon, I’m not suppose to get grey hairs yet.
But there it was.
I started to freak (half asleep, remember).
I looked closer and noticed it was actually white. Very white. Like Petal’s fur.
I reached up and pinched it between my index finger and thumb and it came out easily. It definitely wasn’t attached to my head.
I laughed and tossed it to the ground. Collie hair.
What a relief.
Where is the oddest place you’ve found dog hair?

7 thoughts on “Dog Hair

  1. In a cupboard where we keep the pots and pans! It is always closed so it is anyone’s guess how it got there!

  2. we live in california and would you believe my daughter found bailey hair in her apartment … in new york?!? BOL

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