Walking, walking, walking

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We went for a walk in town last week, just to mix things up a bit.
We walked around the neighborhoods I sometimes day dream about living in. We walked down Main Street and looked through the shop windows. We enjoyed the change of scenery and the nice weather.

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I think Petal and I walk better together when I have the camera.
Which has a lot more to do with me than it does with her.
With the camera in my hand and my determination to get some nice pictures, I wasn’t looking for all the things that could possibly set Petal off into a barking frenzy. I wasn’t worried she would upset someone or look ridiculous or that people would tell me I’m a bad dog owner. I didn’t worry about any of that. I was too busy taking pictures and looking for good things to photograph. Petal was much calmer this walk and only barked at other barking dogs and even then, she calmed down much faster than she usually does.
Guess I was the issue.
Isn’t that usually the case?

 photo walkinpetal.png photo rollinwalkin.png
Lassie rolling around in the grass.

 photo firehydrantwalkin.png photo flowerswalkin.png photo purpleflowerwalkin.png photo stickerwatermelonman.png
Random watermelon sticker. He has a knife in his other hand. Guess he cut out his own smile?

 photo doortofavoritestore.png
The door to one of my favorite stores!

 photo walkinmainstreet.png

 photo mainstreetcollies.png
Main Street!

It’s a good thing we really enjoyed that walk, because now it’s too hot to go outdoors in the middle of the day.

Hope you guys are staying cool!

9 thoughts on “Walking, walking, walking

  1. I bet the collies received plenty of attention? People in my area always seem amazed to see a collie, as if they were extinct!

  2. Yep, you right, we are beginning to believe its Mom when we walk, because if left to us, we would be on a meet & greet mission. You sure had plenteny of interesting things to photograph!

    The Mad Scots

  3. Love the walk. Felt like I was right along with you. Things have cooled down here and we had some rain today which we really needed.

  4. it looks like you had a lovely walk. i bet you cause a lot of heads to turn, walking those two beauties down the street.
    wags, bailey

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