Fun with Petal and Pepper

Petal and Pepper had some fun at a friend’s house yesterday.
We ran, we played fetch, we rolled in the grass, we worked on some training and I even convinced Petal to run through the sprinklers with me.
“Your Collie willingly got wet?!”
Yes she did. Well, sort of. I bribed her.
With a couple pieces of a Zuke’s treat.

 photo c71fccb7-8a04-4362-8a27-c99a667f0249.jpg
 photo 6466ae31-5ae0-4f7f-aefc-ba2c644f3165.jpg
“Can I have another treat?”

We played a few games of fetch with Petal’s favorite ball.

 photo blur9105060078_56b0688e54_z.png photo blur9102833859_3436587934_z.png  photo 594b2533-5663-46b8-8103-2b5c9aaf3d20.jpg  photo 16abc0b2-78cf-46ba-82e2-d5df1581f390.jpg  photo 032fbfd1-1303-4834-8ef1-cd841fc01cdb.jpg  photo d9aea236-e189-4de9-b9f8-b04f16cea656.jpg  photo 5e7c3c7d-19ba-4138-9604-a0a382d37a74.jpg

And Pepper played a game or two or three of tug as well.

 photo a3496ab8-c8cd-412e-b39d-e6515d2a4007.jpg  photo e1906c0c-0701-4511-9487-4dd0ed2b04c7.jpg

Then I had a couple of very happy girls on my hands.

 photo 543c8bac-56c5-47ac-ad43-c8fe6abc5656.jpg   photo 139b9c5e-8754-4fff-b518-fd0d320b6ee0.jpg  photo 9b2d647c-0616-4314-bd9f-658276deb032.jpg
I love it when Petal looks like she’s smiling a big cheesy grin with her eyes closed blissfully.

Now we’re having a sleepy, lazy Saturday (after we took our morning walk, of course).
What are you dogs up to this Saturday?

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Feel free to tell your friends!

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  1. Happy, happy dogs!! I had a nice long walk with Mom and then we went to the plant nursery. I love going there–everyone gives me lots of attention and even a treat or two!

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