(mostly) Wordless Wednesday: Play time!

 photo flamingoisgoingdown.png
“You’re going down, Mr. Flamingo!”

 photo lassiesfavoriteball.png
“Go ahead, try and take it. I dare you.”

 photo flamingohat.png

 photo playtimelass.png

 photo ripflamingo.png

Note: No worries, Mr. Flamingo is alive and well. ;P Petal doesn’t actually “kill” her stuffies (or… unstuffies in Mr. Flamingo’s case). In fact, she use to cry when Ella would “kill” them.

10 thoughts on “(mostly) Wordless Wednesday: Play time!

  1. Petal, you don’t look too happy to have Mr. Flamingo on your neck. He’d have been dead….flamingo….if I had gotten hold of him!

  2. LOL – Petal looks soooooooooooo purty in pink! And Lassie seems to think she’s a bit of dip, doesn’t he?

    (PS – Bella has “issues” with dead stuffies, too. We had to stop giving her any that sounded “too” lifelike…)

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