The Trio

I miss having 3 dogs. Sure it was 3x the work and 3x the expensive, but it was 3x the fun, 3x the silliness and laughter, 3x the joy and 3x the love. It was worth it.

I was looking through pictures of the 3 of them the other day. I cried but I also smiled as I remembered each moment, remembered how they use to play with each other and bother each other.

The trio, Lassie, Ella and Petal, exploring.

Exploring together.

Ella and Petal wrestling.

Smack down! Ella always kept Petal in line.

Black and white photo of the trio (Ella the lab mix, Petal and Lassie the collies) running through a small, shallow river of water.

The chase! Oh how I miss this. Petal misses this. They always had a blast together.

Ella the lab mix taking a breather after playing hard.

Taking a breather. Ella had to be kept on a long line to prevent her from running off and teaching Petal, an impressionable pup, the same behavior. She still had a blast though!

Lassie, wet and muddy, kicking back in the dirt after playing.

Oh so muddy! A muddy rough collie is a lot of work, but it’s well worth the fun they have before.

Ella the lab mix smiling up at the camera, happy with her outing.

2006 – 2012

Lassie, a male rough collie, smiling for the camera.

2004 – 2013

I miss my trio. I miss being Two Collies and a Mutt. Petal misses her brother and sister.

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  1. What great memories of what sounds like a very happy time. It is so hard to lose a friend. It is even harder to lose two so close together.

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