Never Camera Shy

Lassie was never camera shy. From the time I got him, as two month old ball of fuzz, I was taking pictures of him. My family took pictures of him, strangers took pictures of him. I lost count of how many strangers have pictures of my Lassie. He was just so photogenic! I would pull out my camera and he would look to the side with a majestic and pensive look about him. Occasionally though he would be really goofy when the camera came out, poking his nose against it or getting reallyyyy close to it. It never failed to either crack me up or irritate me. Usually it made me laugh especially after seeing the silly picture I got out of his goofy ways.

Extreme close up of Lassie's handsome face.

Such a goof. I love that you can see his tail wagging; he really enjoyed getting up in the camera.

I think it’s safe to say that my all time favorite sequence of goofy close up photos are these three:

Christmas photo of Lassie and a Petal, taken in 2012. Lassie scoots closer to the camera, putting himself into focus.

Our 2012 Christmas photos. Lassie started inching closer to the camera…

Lassie moves even closer to the camera and Petal has to lean to the side to remain in the frame.

This one makes me laugh every time, Petal is literally leaning to the side to try and stay in the frame/keep her focus on me even though Lassie is trying to block her.

Extreme close up of Lassie's long nose as he pokes the camera.

And poke! Give me that treat, camera lady!

Oh Lassie, you knew just how to make me smile and laugh!
Miss you silly boy. <3

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