How lucky am I?

Two month old collie puppy, Lassie, lying on a blue blanket on the floor with 13 year old me lying next to him.
Your first day home. That was a huge, life-changing day for the both of us. I remember being so amazed, so dumbfounded, that you were actually real and actually there and actually mine. I would look at you and just be overwhelmed with shock and wonder. How lucky was I?
Two month old Lassie lying on his bed with me right beside him.
I had those moments of bewilderment often and not just while you were a puppy, but also as you grew and matured. I still have those moments, even now that you’re gone. I look through your pictures and I think, Wow, how lucky am I? How lucky am I that I got to know this dog? That I got to grow up with this dog and learn so much from this incredible, wonderful dog? Not many girls get to have a best friend like you, Lassie. A best friend who is so unfailingly loyal and loving.

Lassie sitting at my feet as we pose for a picture outside. Lassie's paws, legs and underbelly are very muddy after a day of fun.
I love you more than words can express. Thanks for everything, Boogy. <3

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  1. When I was 6 we found a Collie that was lost. I wanted to keep him but we found the owners. From then on I wanted my own Collie. We were a military family so I was unable to get one until I was 18. By the time I was 21 I had two beautiful Collies. They were great companions and gentle friends to my first child. Painfully we all know too well they don’t live forever and I’ve had to say my goodbye years ago. By following you on Facebook I am able to relive the time I had with them. I share your heartache of your loss of Lassie. Mine were Sean and Skipper.

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