Tasty Tuesday: Goat’s Milk and Catfish

Raise your hand/paw if you saw the April Fool’s Day joke The Honest Kitchen put up on their website the beginning of this month.

*raises hand*

Raise your hand/paw if you fell for it.

Raise your hand/paw if you only pretended to fall for it to see how far it would go.

*raises hand*

In case you missed their (hilarious) joke, I took screenshots:

Screenshot of The Honest Kitchen website (www.thehonestkitchen.com) on April Fool's Day. "Find The Perfect Food for Your Pet Based On their Zodiac Sign!"

Click to enlarge.

Now I’ll admit there was a brief moment there, while I was on their home page and saw the graphic in the form pictured above, that I thought they were serious and I was rethinking feeding my dog their food because clearly they had gone insane and if I fed my dog food made by insane people that would make me insane too. I am not insane (or at least that’s what I like to tell myself).
Then I realized it was April Fool’s Day and I laughed, a lot. I wanted to see where this was going so I clicked on the graphic on their homepage and was taken straight to the form you see above. Laughing even more, I filled out the form and hit submit, just to see what would happen.

Screen shot from The Honest Kitchen's website. It shows an image of a dog rolling in the grass, looking as though it is laughing. It says "April Fools!!!"

Click to enlarge.

Adorable image and they donated $1 in honor of my being fooled to The Barking Lot, a shelter in San Diego. How great is that?

I was satisfied with that alone. It was a great April Fool’s Day joke, it made me laugh and a donation was made. It doesn’t get much better than that. Until a few days later when I got an email from them with a code that would get me a free box of their Pro Bloom Probiotic Instant Goat’s Milk with any purchase from their site. With Petal’s slightly sensitive Collie tummy I like to give her a daily probiotic so I wasn’t about to pass that up.

Image of a box of The Honest Kitchen's Pro Bloom made for cats and dogs.

I got a box with 16 individual packets. Each packet makes 1 cup of goat’s milk. A dog Petal’s size (just under 50 lbs) only needs half a cup once a day. So one packet is two days worth of goat’s milk for Petal. I just empty a packet into a smaller container, add 1 cup of warm water, stir and then pour half a cup of it over her food. I refrigerate the other half until the following day.

Image of a packet of Pro Bloom.

It’s super easy to make and Petal loves it enough to drink it plain.
And I’m kind of in love with the packaging. It’s so cute!

Since I had to make a purchase in order to redeem my free box of Pro Bloom, I bought a box of Beams. A catfish skin chew that I had been wanting to get for Petal to try.


I got the Talls, but they also have Smalls for smaller dogs. The Talls are about 12 inches long and come in varying widths as shown above in the bottom right photo. They come in a resealable bag and a ridiculously cute box. They have only one ingredient: catfish.

Speaking of cats, you should have seen the frenzy that came after opening the bag! Petal, her cousin Penny and two of her three cat cousins came running and begging.
image of cat watching Petal enjoy a Beams chew. The cat wants her to share but Petal keeps it close!
Pancake, my sister’s cat, wanted Petal to share! He kept watching her eat until I gave him a piece of his own. There were a few small and thin pieces in the bag, so I let the cats (Pancake, Harriet and Moony) taste them too.

Pancake munched on his for a minute before deciding it was too chewy and he left it for Petal to have. Harriet, who is about 15 pounds smaller than Pancake, got a less chewy piece and devoured it as far as I can tell and then promptly begged for more. Moony, who is Harriet’s size, was given a very small piece and as far as I can tell she ate it, but she did not ask for more.

Petal and Penny each got a stick. Petal laid down and chewed it elegantly like the elegant Collie she is and had it finished in about 7 minutes. Penny, on the other hand, did a happy dance with her chew. She hopped from couch to couch, tossed it around, rolled on it and then finally settled down to chew on it. Sadly I didn’t get any pictures of her doing this because there wasn’t much lighting in the room she was in and I was just snapping quick iPhone pictures, so I was pretty sure they wouldn’t turn out.

But here is Petal acting all lady like with hers:
Two images of Petal munching on a catfish chew.

I have to say, I was really impressed with how long they lasted given how thin they are. I was thinking five minutes, TOPS, but they lasted closer to ten minutes. They’re stinky, of course, but they aren’t very messy so that was nice. And everyone enjoyed them! They were the perfect treat to eat on Tasty Tuesday.

Note: I was neither asked to write this post nor compensated by The Honest Kitchen in anyway for this post. I purchased the Beams myself and received Pro Bloom with a coupon. I’m simply sharing two products I’ve recently tried and enjoyed. 

 Today we are participating in the Tasty Tuesday blog hop hosted by Sugar the Golden Retriever and Kol’s Notes.

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  1. I just gotta say that I am a HUGE fan of Goat’s Milk! I didn’t know they made it for doggies, but I adore goat’s milk soap in particular for myself. Sensitive anything + goat’s milk = a winning combo, so I’m happy to hear Petal enjoyed drinking some :)

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