Photobombing Horse

Petal smiling for the camera as a horse sticks his nose through the fence behind her.Image of petal nose-to-nose with a horse.
Petal met a horse yesterday. A horse who really, really wanted some of the treats Petal was getting. A horse who was very upset when I wouldn’t share them with him.
Sorry sweet horse, but I can’t feed you without asking your owners.

Check out this post to see some other fun friends Petal got to meet this week! :)

Today we are joining the Black and White Sunday blog hop hosted by Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever. Thanks hosts!

8 thoughts on “Photobombing Horse

    • Petal wanted to play too! She kept play bowing at the horse, it was so cute. Maybe you’ll get to meet a horse one day Emma!

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