Fun with Shadows

There’s something really fun and sometimes beautiful about shadows. I especially love collie shadows. Probably because I really love collies.

Image of Petal's shadow on the sidewalk as she stands to the side and looks behind her.Image of Petal's shadow as she stands to the side.This is what Petal would like if you squished her like an accordion and if she didn’t have an overbite. And just look at that fluff! It kills me. Too much cuteness.

Image of Petal's shadow as she sniffs the grass.Image of Petal's shadow as we walk.Image of Petal's shadow against the shadow of a small bush.Image of Petal's shadow pulling forward.Headshot image of Petal's shadow against the street.Profile image of Petal's shadow against the street.This one is my favorite (even though Shadow Petal looks almost strange without Petal’s overbite). I just love a collie profile, incase you couldn’t tell from my banner and watermark. 😉

Black and White Sunday badge featuring the hosts: Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever.Today we are participating in the Black and White blog hop hosted by Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever. Thank you ladies for hosting!

10 thoughts on “Fun with Shadows

  1. Wonderful job with those shadow photos! I love the light when it casts such long shadows.

  2. Dog Dad & I decided to stop by to say we missed you and shazam we go to this site. We didn’t even know you had changed sites and our blog tells us you hadn’t posted since August.

    Bowser, I’ll be sheep dipped. I have a lot of catching up to do. We are waiting to hear if Charm is going to have puppies. We won’t post about that until we know a tri-color girl is born. I am ready for a little gal to join our pack because Dog Dad just can’t play like a collie.


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