Review: Collie Art from Fulcrum Gallery

We all know I love collies, so naturally I really love art that centers or includes my favorite breed. I have a small collection of collie artwork. I have a painting, given to me by my grandmother who first told me all about the collie breed, of a young girl crying in a corner and her collie standing near. I have a print of the Famous Lassie and a few collie statues and stuffies. My collie book collection is pretty impressive, I think, ranging from Lassie Come Home to children’s picture books.
There may be a few other little things that I can’t think of right now, but for the most part that’s it. My collection is still a work in progress.

Image of the painting of a girl in a corner and her collie by her side. Titled: A Special Pleader by Charles Burton Barber
A Special Pleader by Charles Burton Barber.
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So when Fulcrum Gallery contacted me about a review, I immediately searched for collie art. They only had a few collie pieces, but still I found a piece that made me smile. This piece quickly became my favorite and I decided it was the one I wanted.

Image of a copy of the painting titled The New Dress by Arthur Elsley. Painting shows a young girl wearing a new white dress and smiling over her shoulder at her collie who leans against her back.
The New Dress by Arthur Elsley.

Fulcrum Gallery has a very wide range of options for animal art. From dogs to cats to horses to raccoons. You can find their selection of animal art here. You can also narrow your search down to your favorite breed of dog. Collie lovers can find collie art here. You’re welcome. 😉

Once you’ve found the piece you want, you get to customize the framing. Depending on the piece you choose, you can have it printed on canvas or framed. If you choose to frame there are dozens and dozens of frames to choose from. There are numerous matting options as well, you can choose to have 1, 2 or 3 mats or no mat at all. As you choose your frame and mat(s) you’ll get a little preview of how it looks with your print, which is really helpful. There are also different glass options, they have standard glass, non-glare glass and even museum glass. Or you can choose Acrylic Plexiglass.

You can even upload your own photos for Fulcrum Gallery to frame or put on canvas for you.

Image of The New Dress in it's mahogany frame.

I chose to have my piece cropped to just the image. For framing I chose the Petite Rounded Dark Mahogany frame (I love how it looks with the colors in the print), no mat (not always a fan of mats), and the museum glass. The museum glass provides 99% UV protection. It’s sure to protect my painting from any UV damage. The frame itself is just so beautiful and it feels like great quality. Attached to the back was a nail and hook to hang my beautiful print.


What Does Petal Think?

Image Petal with The New Dress print.
She thinks that collie is pretty adorable. I agree.

Image of Petal with the print.

She can do a pretty good impression of the collie in the print.

Image of Petal doing her best impression of the collie in the print as she looks down just the collie does.
First look down, then look serious. It also helps if you’re a collie.

Pretty good impression, right?

All in all, I’m very happy with this print and the frame. I think it’s beautiful and I’m always happy to grow my collie collection. Hopefully one day I’ll have one as impressive as Kathleen’s collection. 😉
Fulcrum Gallery has a lot of different prints to offer, though I do hope to see more Collie art. They had plenty of beautiful frames to choose from and they had my custom order ready and shipped to me very quickly.

Image of framed painting from Fulcrum Gallery.

I highly recommend them to anyone looking for decor or looking to have their own photos framed or put on canvas.

You can find Fulcrum Gallery on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.
And with Memorial Day weekend tomorrow, they have some fantastic sales going on, between 40-50% off site wide. So now is the perfect time to get some art for those walls.

Note: I was sent one custom framed print from Fulcrum Gallery for review purposes, I was not compensated in any other way. All options expressed here are entirely my own.

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