Lassie’s Day: Naughty Puppy

Lassie was a naughty puppy. He chewed and chewed on everything.

Image of Lassie as a puppy chewing on a support beam for a bed.

Here he chews on the post holding up a very large and very heavy bed. Naughty. (Don’t worry, I distracted him after I took a picture to document his naughtiness).

He chewed on bed frames, he chewed on children’s toys, he chewed on shoes, he chewed on clothes,

Image of Lassie puppy hiding under the bed with a pair of underwear in his mouth.

Including someone’s underwear! He use to hide under the bed and chew away on whatever he had stolen.

He even chewed his way out of a plastic kennel once while we were away from home. That taught me two things: Don’t use plastic kennels when your dog is a chewaholic and Lassie hated kennels. So we left him in the bathroom instead, making sure there was absolutely nothing for him to get into. We even left our Great Dane, Tal, in there with him so he wouldn’t get lonely.

He dug a hole in the wall.

The wall.

I realized it wasn’t just kennels that Lassie hated, he hated being left alone, but if I gave him a treat before I left, he would do better.

Image of Lassie looking sweet and adorable as a little puppy.

It was a darn good thing my destructive little puppy was so incredibly adorable! Look at that wittle pink paw!

It was a good thing he was so silly too.

Lassie laying on his back with his front legs stretched out and his back legs spread apart.

He made me laugh all the time. He also stole my blankets frequently. Snot.

He was a huge handful but he grew up to be the best dog in the world.
I miss you, boy!

9 thoughts on “Lassie’s Day: Naughty Puppy

    • Buddy chewed a softball sized hole in the kitchen wall on Monday. I took him out for a walk early in the morning and then went back to bed myself for only about 90 minutes. When I went back downstairs to the kitchen, there was drywall, dust, and insulation all over the floor and a hole in the wall. I gave him a long lecture about how bad it was to do so much damage, but it fell on deaf ears. I went out for about a half hour and came back to an even bigger hole and more insulation all over the floor. I never did catch him in the act, so it was difficult to discipline him, but this time I hollered at him even more and then ignored him for the rest of the day. Luckily I have a good neighbor who is very good with DIY projects and he had everything needed to repair the damage. It took 5 coats of plaster, but once I get it painted it will be as good as new. Today was his first day home alone while I was at work since last week and I worried all day that the thunder storms we were having might have scared him and got him started chewing again, but luckily for us both, he did just fine. I only hope that he knows that chewing holes in the wall is not a good thing. At 5 months old he is still so cute it’s hard to stay mad at him for very long..

  1. He was a darling babydog. I often talk about Neeko being such a good puppy. Then I think about all the stuff she chewed up, and how difficult house training was…
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  2. Bailey was a destructive little bugger as a puppy. He would chew anything and everything in his path. We didn’t have Katy as a puppy so I have no idea what her habits were like. I was so glad when he outgrew that stage.
    Bailey recently posted…Friday Flowers: IrisMy Profile

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