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Image of Petal lying behind tall, blue wild flowers.
Every month Sugar the Golden Retriever hosts a blog hop titled {This Moment} See Beautiful (click here to learn more). Every month I mean to join this hop, yet every month I somehow forget to or don’t have the time to. Luckily I both remembered to and made time to join this month.
Image of blue wild flower in focus and Petal, out of focus, smiling in the sunshine.
I walk or hike with Petal every morning. We tend to be gone anywhere from 1-3 hours. I usually bring my camera with me, sometimes I take it with me just incase something or some moment strikes me as fun or beautiful or silly. Sometimes I take it with the intention of seeking out or creating such moments. When I take my camera out with the intention to find something to photograph I find myself paying closer attention to my surroundings. I’ll notice wild flowers that may otherwise go unnoticed being tucked away near the trees or away from the trail.
Close up of a purple flower with an insect resting on its petals.Image of a string of tiny, almost heart shaped, leaves.

These look heart shaped to me. So pretty. I couldn’t resist taking a picture.

Close up image of a purple wild flower.Close up image of a wild flower.Close up image of a light purple flower against the green foliage.
A few days ago, while hiking, Petal excitedly poked her head into some bushes to greet what I thought to be a lizard or a squirrel or mouse, the usuals. I guide her back onto the trail and take a peek into the bushes to see if I can spot what she found. I did this mostly out of habit as I rarely ever saw the source of her excitement or the cause of the rustle of the bushes. What I saw made me do a double take and grab my camera.
Image of a baby deer tucked away in the foliage and trees.

A sweet little baby deer! Petal usually goes bonkers over deer, but I think she could tell this baby was vulnerable and scared because she didn’t make a sound, didn’t bark at the baby one time. She did a lovely sit-stay for me while I took pictures.
I love those little Bambi spots! So precious.

There has been so much beauty in our morning adventures together.
Image focused on a blue flower, Petal's nose is unfocused in the background.Image of Petal among the blue wild flowers.

This Moment See Beautiful blog hop badge. {This Moment} See Beautiful blog hop hosted by Sugar the Golden Retriever. Thank you Sugar!

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