Little Fluffy Paws

Sepia image of Petal's back paws and white fluffy tail as she stands in the middle of a hiking trail.Sepia image of Petal's white fluffy paws on a log.

I love her fluffy little paws!

Even though she used one to punch me in the face yesterday.

Have you ever been punched/slapped by a dog? I can’t be the only one.

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5 thoughts on “Little Fluffy Paws

  1. Her paws are so pretty and dainty. I’m sure they can still deliver a good wallop! No, you are definitely not alone in being kicked by your best friend! BOL!
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  2. Yes, I get pawed all the time! Usually a “pet me” paw request! We just trimmed all 8 fluffy paws in our house yesterday. Surprisingly, our golden retriever, who used to hate it when we touched her paws, did ok with just a few treats to distract her!

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