One year ago today

One year ago today my best friend and heart dog passed away.

Black and white image of Lassie kissing my chin.

He was only two months away from his 9th birthday. Far too young to pass away. I miss him everyday. He taught me so many valuable lessons about life and love and friendship. He saw me through my teenage years and loved me unconditionally, as I did him.

Black and white image of Lassie laying on my bed. Taken in May of 2008.Black and white image of Lassie sitting in the snow at sunset.Black and white silhouette image of Lassie.

Tuesday, the 5th, marks the two year anniversary of Ella’s passing. I can’t bring myself to post two sad posts with days of each other, so I’ll post my tribute to Ella now.


Ella was my first, and so far only, rescue dog. I adopted her when she was two months old. Ella passed away very suddenly, just days after her sixth birthday. She was also far too young to pass away. But after being hit by a car when she was two years old, I felt lucky and blessed to have had four more years with her, and knowing she’s no longer in any pain at all brings me a lot of comfort. I miss her dearly though. She was crazy, goofy, and overly affectionate at times. She brought me and my family (human and canine and even, sometimes, feline) a lot of joy.

Black and white image of Ella laying on my bed with her paws crossed as she looks towards the window. A big daisy lays beside her. Image taken in May of 2008Black and white image of Ella sitting and looking up with her mouth wide open and her tongue hanging out happily.Black and White image of Ella standing up to a wooden fence, peeking into the neighbor's yard to see if her friend is home.

On somedays I can’t hardly believe it’s already been a year, two years, since their passings. It doesn’t always feel that long ago that I was snuggling hem, playing with them and caring for them. On other days it feels like it’s been so much longer because I miss them so much.

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  1. So sorry you lost both of them so young. They will always be in your heart and you will always be sad, but it gets better with time Mom says. It’s been almost eleven years since Mom lost her dog Trine who was only ten. She still cries over her some days. Remember the good times, look at photos and talk to Petal about them. That is what my mom does.
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  2. I wish there was something that we could do to make this sad day better. I hope that your beautiful memories will get you through. You have learned so much about loving and loss at such a young age. Its going to make you a stronger and better person someday if not already. Dolly and Sandra
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