Mischief Causing Chipmunks

During our recent camping trip to Mirror Lake we were visited by lots and lots of cute little chipmunks. They were brave little chipmunks because despite Petal and cousin Penny barking at and trying to chase them, they always returned. I think they enjoyed teasing the girls. They’d run through our camp site, in plain and clear sight, then dive into a bush or behind a rock or up a tree.

Image of one of our chipmunk buddies hanging out on a rock.

Picture my Dad took of a chipmunk having a snack on a rock right beside the camp chair my Dad was sitting in.

Petal just loved seeing these little guys and would whine, cry and bark. She even gave them her best play bows and play dances to try and convince them she was friendly and just wanted to play. When that didn’t work, she tried to follow one of the little chipmunks up a tree he decided to hide in.

Image of Petal trying to climb up tree in search of chipmunk.

“Come back, little chipmunk!”

Image of Petal looking and listening for the chipmunk.

“Little chipmunk! I just wanna play!”

Image of Petal with front paws on tree trunk, stretching upwards as much as possible as she searches above, in the branches, for the chipmunk.

“Little chipmunk? I know you’re up there!”

Image of Petal searching for chipmunk.

“Little chipmunk?! Was that you?!”

Despite all her efforts and good intentions, she was never able to convince one to play with her. Poor little Petal.

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