Review: Primal Venison Lung Puffs

Image of Petal laying beside a bag of Primal Dry a Roasted Venison Lung Puffs from
Petal is in looooove with this month’s goodie from! She got to try some of Primal’s fancy meat treats for the first time and we were both very pleased with them.

Here’s what I liked about them:

  1. They’re a single ingredient treat (that ingredient being venison lung)
  2. It says right on the bag that it is grass-fed Venison raised in New Zealand without antibiotics or added hormones
  3. They’re made in the USA
  4. They don’t have a strong odor to them
  5. The greasy feeling is minimal compared to other single protein treats I’ve fed Petal

Image of a bag of Primal Dry Roasted Venison Lung Puffs from


What Petal liked about them:

  1. They tasted yummy
  2. They smell yummy
  3. They taste yummy
  4. Sometimes my human had issues with breaking them into smaller pieces so I sometimes got big pieces
  5. They taste yummy

Image of the various sizes of the lung puffs beside a pen for size comparison.

Our 2 oz bag was filled with various sizes of dog crack these treats, most of them were a little on the large size, which Petal loved. Like I said we were sent a 2 oz bag from Chewy, however it’s a 1.75 oz bag listed on, not sure what’s up with that. It’s $6.99 a bag which is definitely on the pricey side. However it’s the perfect single ingredient treat for dogs on a limited diet. It’s also a very high value treat. While the bag does sound and seem quite small, there are actually quite a bit of these light weight treats in there.

Bottom line, I love how simple and healthy they are, Petal loved them, but they’re a bit too pricey for us to buy regularly. As an occasional treat, they’re great!


Today we’re participating in the Tasty Tuesday blog hop hosted by Sugar the Golden Retriever and Kol’s Notes. Thanks Sugar and Kol!

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