Lassie’s Day – Happy Birthday

Image of 13 year old me holding a two month old Lassie. It was the first time I ever held him.

The first time I ever held Lassie.

 Today is your tenth birthday and I’m heartbroken that you aren’t here for it. I wish with all my heart that you were. We would party hard, just as we always did.

Image of Lassie passed out under the kitchen table with a birthday party hat on his head, a plate of doggy cake against his leg and an empty bottle of RootBeer by his paws.

I’ll still celebrate today because I know you’re watching over me. It would seem wrong to just let this day pass by like any other day, impossible even.

So I will celebrate you. I’ll celebrate everything you taught me and all the unconditional love you showered upon me. I’ll celebrate all the incredible memories I have of you. I’ll celebrate all the smiles and the laughs. I’ll celebrate all the joy you brought me. I’ll try not to dwell on the fact that you’re not here, that I can’t see you or run my fingers through your fur or hear all the silly noises you use to make. Instead I’ll focus on all the times that you were here.

Image of Lassie smiling as he happily trots up to me.

I love you Lassie.

Happy Birthday.

Image of Lassie looking sweetly at the camera.

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