Lassie’s Day – She misses him too

The only thing better than a Collie is two Collies.

Image of Lassie and Petal performing their very nicest sits in hopes of getting a treat.Image of Lassie and Petal standing side-by-side as the wind blows through their fur.Image of Lassie chasing Petal through the snow.Image of Lassie and Petal both begging for treats.
I miss having two Collies. I miss Lassie. I think it’s safe to say Petal does too. It was a long time before she stopped looking for him whenever his name was said, whether it was said by us or a random stranger saying, “Look! A Lassie dog!” when Petal passed by. She always looked around, tail wagging and ears perked. It broke my heart every time. She doesn’t do this so often anymore, but occasionally she still starts to look for him.

I think she misses having a Collie buddy to play Collie games with. I know I miss watching their silly little herding games.

One day we’ll be a two Collie family again. When the time is right.

9 thoughts on “Lassie’s Day – She misses him too

  1. Those are great photos. Roxy is almost 10, and Torrey is 4. So it stands to reason that Roxy will go first and I’m sure Torrey is really going to miss her.
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  2. We are going through missing our Timber right now. Last night I told my husband I miss Timber’s dinner call. He would give out a deep wooo at dinner time. It was his favorite time of day. Even though we still have 4 Sibes it’s quiet. I understand the feeling of missing a great dog. Take care.

  3. Mom says my sister Katie missed and looked for her sister Trine for months after she passed away. It was very sad to see, but it was also a bond that Katie and Mom will always have together.
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    • Aww, it is very sad to see. Your Mom is right though, it’s a bond that I will always have with Petal. Petal has been such a huge help to me, like I’m sure Katie (and you and Bailie) is to your Mom.

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