This is how we make the bed

Petal loves it when I make the bed.
Not because she likes a newly made bed, she doesn’t get such luxuries with me as her owner (I don’t like making the bed, I like having the bed made, but not making it).
No, she likes it when I make the bed because she thinks it’s funny to jump up onto the mattress and lay in the middle of it when I’m trying to put sheets on it (just one of the reasons I don’t make the bed more than I must).
She then refuses to remove her cute self.
So I give her the look.
Being the intimidating 5’1″ or possibly 5’2″ that I am this obviously works as well as you would imagine it to.
Yeah, like a charm. Ha.
She simply goes boneless. Shawn Spencer would be proud.
Rather than pulling a Gus and dragging her from the bed, I just make it around her.

Black and white image of Petal laying between my mattress and the sheet.
Eh. It’s not that lumpy.

And the sheets are all wrinkly anyway so who cares (don’t judge me, we just moved last weekend and I’m tired, I simply grabbed clean sheets from one of the moving boxes and tossed them over the stubborn collie on the bed, haha).

Surely there’s been worse.

Besides, this cute little nose poking out from under the sheet is pretty darn adorable.

Black and white image of Petal's nose and paw poking out from underneath a bed sheet.

Even if she is taking up most of the bed and it was over an hour before I could finish making the bed.
Because yes, she did nap, for over an hour, underneath that sheet.

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  1. Those nose sticking out shots are always so cute! We never interfere with making the bed, but when there are fresh sheets to be put on, the kitties are right there and in the middle of it all. We hear Mom yelling at them to get out but they just love to play in the fresh bedding.
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