Not Ready

Black and white photo of Petal wearing a scarf and sitting in front of a simple little Christmas backdrop.
Why must the Christmas season come so quickly? I don’t feel the least bit ready for Christmas and it’s only four days away. I’ve been blaming the lack of snow (we have none! and it’s making me sad) for my lack of Christmas spirit, but plenty of people celebrate Christma without any snow.
But I’ve lived in Utah for my entire life, practically, and Utah should have snow in December, especially where I live. So I will continue to blame the lack of snow.

What about you guys? Are you ready for the Holidays? Do you have snow?

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6 thoughts on “Not Ready

  1. No snow here. Paws clasped begging for snow, just for the holiday! We got a little a couple of weeks back, on my birthday, but it’s just been a little rain here and there since.
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  2. Nice photo. It seems like it takes forever for Christmas to come and then all of the sudden it’s over. We are ready but not in the mood so much. The weather stinks here this year. We get snow, then it rains, it is in the 30’s, way too warm for December in MN. Wishing for snow!
    Emma recently posted…DIY Dog In WreathMy Profile

  3. No snow here in West Virginia either and it just doesn’t feel the same without it. They are calling for snow showers on Christmas day, but we won’t have any on the ground. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60’s!!!!!! That is not Christmas weather, in my opinion.
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