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Petal got a package!
Petal loves to get packages and this month she got quite a few (phew, we were in need of all kinds of new dog stuff), including her most anticipated monthly package (no, not that!), her package from!
Petal loves packages and keeps herself >< that close to the package when I’m trying to open it. It’s about as helpful as it sounds. So after (safely) cutting through the tape I gave Petal the box to let her do the rest.

If you can’t see the video click here.

At the end she’s all, “Okay, you can open that Nylabone for me.”
Petal investigates the Nylabone's packaging.

Nylabone’s have been around for awhile. I think Lassie may have had one when he was a puppy, but I can’t remember. This was Petal’s first ever Nylabone though.

This particular Nylabone is made from nylon and chicken flavor, to entice chewing. It’s solid and not meant to be consumed. It’s for dogs up to 50 pounds and made in the USA. It has a bunch of little nubs on it to help clean teeth and comes in three different Dino shapes, chosen at random.

The Nylabone in the shape of a cute T-Rex.

So what did Petal think of it?
Image of Petal sniffing her Nylabone while I hold it in my hand.

She liked it! Though I do think it took her some getting use to, but weeks later and she still pulls it out of her toy box to lay down and gnaw on for a few minutes.
Petal tests out her Nylabone.

All in all, I think it’s a good chew for some dogs (I have yet to find a chew that I think would be perfect for ALL dogs, dogs vary so much that I don’t think there will ever be such a chew). Dogs who don’t get aggressive or frustrated while chewing and dogs who don’t attempt to consume the inedible. 😉

You can get a cute Dino Nylabone from, currently on sale for just $3.99.

note: I was sent 1 (one) Nylabone from in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own based on my own experience with the product.
note 2: please always supervise your dog when they’re given a new chew!

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