#ShareGratitude for Petal

It’s the last day of the Share Gratitude blog hop and I want to share my gratitude for a certain little fox collie.

Where do I begin?

Black and White image of me and Petal laying side by side in the grass together as I feed Petal a treat. Photo by Carly Vester.

Petal, you make me smile every single day. You motivate me and you inspire me. You’ve helped me during my times of grief. I don’t think I could ask for a better therapist. I remember around this time last year, when the pain of losing Lassie was still very fresh, I looked down at you, sleeping by my side and was overwhelmed with gratitude that you were there. I really feel that no other dog could’ve helped me during that time. You’re the only dog up for such a task.

Black and white image of me and Petal looking at each other as we lean against the half wall of the inside of a gazebo. Photo by Carly Vester.

I’m grateful for our strong bond and that, while I feel it’s about as strong as the bond I had with Lassie, it’s so completely different from the bond I had with Lassie.

I’m grateful you’re such a goofy and happy girl. I’m grateful for your loyalty and love and your patience.

Thank you for being your sweet and sassy self.

Black and white image of Petal looking content with her eyes closed and her mouth open in a Collie Smile as she stands in front of me. Photo by Carly Vester.

Photo credit to Carly.

Today ends Share Gratitude week. Thank you all so much for joining me, Cascadian Nomads, Oz The Terrier and Kitty Cat Chronicles and sharing with us what you’re grateful for.

Share gratitude blog hop badge.

Black and White Sunday badge featuring the hosts: Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever. Today we’re participating in the Black and White Sunday blog hop hosted by Dachshund Nola and Sugar The Golden Retriever. Thank you Nola and Sugar!