Black & White Sunday: Ella

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I’ve been thinking about this incredible dog a lot today.
She would’ve been 7 years old on Friday, the 26th.
I spent Friday morning stressed and nervous; I was forgetting something.
Late afternoon things calmed down and the day was really turning around. It was becoming a really great day after all.
Then I remembered what I had forgotten: Ella’s birthday.
The funny thing (but not “ha ha” funny, strange funny) is, as I remembered what day it was, my mood only improved. It brought a smile to my face. I didn’t expect that. I thought I would cry, I didn’t.
 I miss her. I really miss her. But her birthday, her first birthday since her passing, did not darken what was turning out to be a great day, it only made it better. I don’t know why. I can’t explain it. I guess I just… felt, somehow, closer to her in a way.

Today, however, I’ve been battling the waterworks as I look through her pictures. I miss this bossy, noisy, sweet, weird, funny, overly affectionate, gorgeous mutt.

 photo 06116819-abaa-4205-b56e-f7faa549e06a.jpg 

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 photo 30f8f7e7-537c-4221-81d5-87a5ec52e077.jpg
Me, Ella and many piles of clean laundry. Who could ask for more? 😉

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I still think about you every day, Smella Ella.♥
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