Suspicious package…

Yesterday we got a few things from the UPS man. The dogs’ favorite person to… ‘talk’ to. 😉
Petal loves it when we get packages and she loves to open them.

But this package smelled rather suspicious to her…
What’s this bottle for?

“It’s shampoo, Petal! Not food!”

The dogs got some new shampoo.
What could this mean?!

P.S. Can’t say I blame Petal for trying to taste it. It smells amazing.

P.P.S. I added the Chipin widget for Daffy’s Fundraiser to the right side of my blog (no, you’re not crazy, I did move that sidebar over to the right) for those of you who are willing and able to help but don’t want to/can’t make a purchase from The Barkers Dozen.
Thanks to anyone who can help! :]