Five Random Facts: Lassie

We’ve seen five random facts about Petal and Ella, that must mean that Lassie is next!


1: Lassie, despite what the name may suggest, is indeed a boy. For those of you who didn’t already know. I originally wanted a female Collie, because I knew Lassie meant girl, but my Mom wouldn’t let me get a girl dog at the time (she didn’t want to deal with a female going into heat, can’t say I blame her). So I got a boy and stubbornly stuck with the name I so badly wanted to give my Collie. I ignored anyone who tried to convince me to call him Laddie instead.
2: He’s my best friend and second shadow. He has been since I was 13. And, from the time that I was 13, all of his training was/has been done by me. He went to one training class, because my Dad and grandma insisted on it, at Petsmart. He already knew most of the commands the trainer taught (him and I were also the youngest dog/owner there), but it was still fun.
3: My Mom and I built him an agility course when I was about 14 or 15. He loved doing all the jumps and the weave poles were kind of fun, too, but the jumps were his favorite. He still, to this day, prefers jumping to anything else. He’d rather jump for a ball thrown straight into the air than run after a ball thrown straight ahead.
4: Children = Sheep. Lassie loves any and all “sheep” though he will herd them any chance he gets. Lovingly, of course. ;] But babies will always be his favorite. He’s so gentle and sweet with them.
5: Suitcases upset him. He knows they mean I’m leaving for more than just a few hours and he might not be going with. He gets ridiculously excited when he does get to go.

That’s my handsome boy that I could ramble about for hours and days.
But I’ll spare you and stop here. ;]