Muddy Waters

On Friday me and my Mom took the dogs to this trail nearby our house. To the right of the trail (or left, depends on which end you start at) is just a bunch of bushes and then big gaps of open areas. To the left there’s a dirt hill— it’s actually more like a dirt wall. But if you climb up that, on the other side there’s a great big, long ditch with muddy, muddy, muddy water in it. What a great place for a dog to go and cool off and get all dirty, right? Of course! My dogs love it, and even though they come home a mess, I love it, too. It’s a blast watching them play together in the mud and water. Not to mention the exhaustion that takes over them afterwards, that’s nice, too. ;]

Not sure what’s going on here. Looks like Lassie is investigating and Petal looks like she’s trying to tell Ella something. Good luck with that, Petal.

Petal— while trying to walk Ella— managed to get herself tangled up in Ella’s leash. I’m not sure how she does these things, but it was pretty funny to watch Petal pull her own foot right out from underneath herself.

Told you the water was muddy! It’s like a great big mud puddle.

She almost fell in; that’s what that face is about. She’s such a spazz.

The girls had a blast chasing each other through the water.

Lassie enjoyed the cool waters, too. And the mud. What dog doesn’t love mud?

During a nice game of tag, Ella looks behind her to see Petal is catching up quick! Better run Ella!

Smack! Ella got her good. Right in the chest.

Did I mention that Petal had had a bath just hours before this? So much for that.

Kicking back after a long, hard day of play.

Smile Ella!
Is it just me, or does this seem to be a classic lab look?

That’ll teach me to give her a bath.
And that hair standing up on her back? It will not stay down. It’s like a doggie cowlick.
After they were good and tired (and wet and muddy), we went home, fed them dinner, and then they each settled down in the family room with a treat to chew. A good day, indeed!