Blast from the Past.

While looking for an old picture of Lassie to show to a friend, I started feeling nostalgic and went browsing through more old pictures of Lassie and Ella. I’m blown away by how much they’ve grown! And so quickly, too.

Just look at how small Lassie was when he was just a baby! This picture had to have been taken the end of 2004 or beginning of 2005, not sure. The other dog pictured was our family’s Great Dane, Talos, or Tal for short. He was Lassie’s buddy and teacher until he passed away.

Lassie’s very first camping trip! My word was he orange! His coat alone has changed so much. However, his seating habits haven’t changed. He’ll sit on your lap, or on your head if he can, or stairs, or chairs; anything he can back his butt into, he’ll sit on.

Lassie’s 2nd birthday. I did, indeed, throw him a doggie party. We invited the dogs in the neighborhood that I use (before we moved) to care for when their owners were away. I stuck party hats on them and baked Lassie a paw print shaped cake to share with them. They played for hours outback in the yard and even in the house. His party was a huge success, and, apparently, it was pretty exhausting, too. ;]

Hanging out in our old bedroom. What a handsome boy he is.

Oh my, look how tiny she was! What a sweet little angel. She’s grown so much! She’s still as pretty as can be, though.

What a goofball! She’s still crazy and silly, though she doesn’t lay like that anymore.

My dog can sing and play guitar! She’s gifted.

Look at that sweet sleeping face. So peaceful.
Petal’s only six months old and I’ve only had her for four months, so she doesn’t have much of a past yet, but we can’t just leave her out can we? Of course not! Besides, she has grown so much already, I can’t hardly believe it.

The day after we picked her up from the Vegas airport. That sweet little face of hers allows her to get away with everything. She’s just too cute for her own good!

Aww! She fell asleep in the car, snuggling her purple monkey Kong Wubba. So sweet!

Fallen asleep at the end of the bottom bunk. I think she looks a bit like a bear cub in this picture. I love her little pink paw!

“Time for my extreme close-up, Momma!”

I just love these guys and I can’t believe how much they’ve all grown! Sometimes I wish I could make them stop and have them stay my little puppies forever.