I have proof!

I have proof. I finally have proof.
Proof that these two CAN get along!
And I caught it all on camera.
So there’s no way to deny it ever happened…
Ella and Pancake were SPOONING.
Now for those of you imagining my lovable lab mix spooning with the tasty breakfast food, you’d be imagining it all wrong. Because Pancake is not a breakfast meal, Pancake is my sister’s cat who pretty much came with the house (and his name, which he knows and comes to, so there was no changing it).


Now normally (just last night, in fact) we have to scold Ella for charging this poor cat.
The weird thing is is she never ever treats Harriet, the other cat, the way she treats Pancake. She barks at Pancake, pretends like she’s going to chase him down, gets right in his face and just pesters him.
She’s treats Harriet more like a delicate little puppy or something.
Maybe it’s because Harriet is only 8 lbs while Pancake is 20 lbs (yes, he’s huge).
Or maybe it’s because we never interfered with that relationship as much, we simply encouraged Ella to be gentle with Harriet, rather than scolding her like we do when she’s not particularly kind to Pancake.

Whatever the cause, clearly they CAN get along.

And clearly Pancake is quite the booty lover.