Another Collie bathed.

Friday it was Petal’s turn to get a good scrub down. I used the same shampoo on her as I did on Lassie and my family’s reaction was “Wow! She’s so white!”
I used Cain & Able’s Peppermint conditioner and made her smell so yummy, like Christmas candy.
She’s also ridiculously soft and could put a Poodle to shame. ;]
My sweet and sassy little Red-Head.
And yes, Petal did follow in the foot steps of her big brother and stuck her head in the garbage the very next day. Thankfully she was caught before she could get dirty.
I don’t know what I’m going to do with these Collies.

8 thoughts on “Another Collie bathed.

  1. She looks beautiful! And as I was reading this, Violet came up and put both paws on my shoulders and was looking at Petal’s picture very intently. Silly Collie. I wish I knew what goes on in her head sometimes. :]

  2. LOL – I can imagine one of mine sticking their head in the garbage. Hope you had a grrreat Thanksgiving. I thank God for creating collies, I’d be lost without mine.

    Dog Dad of Essex & Sherman

  3. Aww, Violet! You’re so cute!

    They’re little stinkers, aren’t they? Hahaha. I would be lost without them though, just like you said, Key West Collies.

    Thank you for your comments! <3

  4. Is Petal a purebred Collie? I didn’t know that they come with so much white! It’s very attractive, regardless.

  5. Yup, she is! There are White Collies and they usually have a lot more white than Petal has. White Collies have a colored head (sable & white, tricolor or blue merle) and a small patch/es of color on their body and tail. I think Petal got a little greedy with her amount of patches, haha. :]
    And thank you! We’re always telling her how pretty she is.

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