All groomed and handsome

Wednesday I spent hours and hours brushing, bathing, drying and then brushing again.
It took me allll day (thanks to the few occasional breaks), but it was worth it.
Because now I have a super soft and super handsome Collie.
He was really patient through some of it and reallyyy whiny at other times. Like I was killing him or something. But then when we were all done, he was so proud and pranced around the house showing off his lovely coat.
We used a large slicker brush, a pin brush, a undercoat rake, a scrub brush, two towels, a bathtub, a blow dryer, a grooming table (thank goodness for that back-saver) and shampoo and conditioner from Happytails.

And simply because I’m in love with their products, I’m going to ramble about them for a moment.

Here, have a picture, because pictures are great.

Sparkle and Shine shampoo (I always dilute it in water for Lassie) and their deep conditioning Fur Butter.
I love Fur Butter.
It smells so amazing that sometimes I open it up just to smell it.
It makes Lassie’s fur so soft and it helps a great deal with tangles.
And it smells amazing
And a little goes a very long way which is always nice, especially with a big and super furry dog like Lassie. 
One of the best things I’ve ever bought for Lassie. I bought it months ago and still have more than half of the container left. I bought the shampoo at the same time and have about half of it left. They last much longer then they look like they would, gotta love that.
And it smells amazing.
Did I mention that?

P.S. The very next day, after I spent all those hours grooming him, Lassie stuck his head in the trash and came out with chili around his eyes. Lovely.


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  1. Lassie, I like that chili thing around your eyes, but it’s better to get it somewhere that your tongue can reach so you can get a few tastes in.

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