We’re all fancy with a water fountain

On Tuesday we got a package in the mail!
Everyone was super excited, hoping it was dog treats! Or toys!
But nope. I didn’t buy them any treats or any toys.
Sorry guys.
Instead I (with the help of my lovely siblings) bought them a pet fountain.
A boring old water bowl!?
I’ll tell you why.
This little stinker right here


does not drink nearly enough water.
Dog mouths are not meant to be sticky, Petal.
They’re suppose to be slimy.

And who wants to see that cute face all dehydrated?
Yeah. No one.

The cats are needing to drink more water as well and I’ve read, in numerous places, that animals are attracted to moving water.
I knew that had to be true because Petal would rather drink out of either a) a water bottle being poured out or b) the gutters or any moving water source regardless of whether or not it’s clean and mud free (eeeww).
Option B is not allowed.
And option A is just not practical for every day.
So a pet fountain sounded like the perfect solution!

Until I went to price them.
Holy cow.
$109 for a stainless steel Drinkwell 360?!
I don’t think so.
Yes it looks like a fantastic pet fountain, but I just don’t have that kind of money to spend on a water bowl right now.
They offered them in plastic for a considerably smaller price, but plastic just didn’t seem practical with 6 pets. And the finicky cats aren’t fans of plastic dishes.
And I wasn’t too fond of the idea of taking apart and cleaning a plastic one.
Of course I didn’t have to get the Drinkwell 360. There are plenty of other pet fountains to choose from. But the 360 seemed like the very best choice for 6 pets.
So I checked out Amazon.

How I love you, Amazon.
Amazon offers the Drinkwell 360 for $67 with Amazon Prime.
And we also happened to have an Amazon gift card.
And my siblings decided to go half on it since it would benefit their cats too.
So with all of that, I got a $109 pet fountain for $10
*happy dance*


This is the fountain and so far it’s a hit.
There are five interchangeable spouts, right now we have the one with 3 spouts on it.
It holds much more water than it looks like it would. About a gallon.
But the best part?
Petal drinks out of it.
And not just one slurp once a day. I’ve seen her drinking from it several times since it arrived Tuesday.

Lassie and Ella have been drinking more as well and my brother’s cat is in love with it.
She’ll spend most of the day staring at it, playing in it, drinking from it and sleeping next to it.
The other two cats are still warming up to it, but they like it.

Overall, it’s been a really great buy so far.
And with Petal drinking more water, I have one less thing to worry about.

7 thoughts on “We’re all fancy with a water fountain

  1. I like the look of this one over the water fountain that we had years ago. I really hated cleaning the plastic one and the motor went out on it about a year later. I’ll have to check this out just for curiosity. With big dogs they go through a lot of water and we all know they need to drink. Glad you found such a great deal too!

  2. That’s a very cool bowl! I love Amazon. I got a $400 for $80 for Eric for Christmas on Amazon. Gorgeous picture of Petal, by the way.

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