Collie Butts

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but…
Collies have such big booties.


Seriously. They do.

A windblown Collie butt!

And they’re proud of ’em!
Or, at least, I’m sure mine are.
They sure act like they are.

Lassie always greets people with a sweet, enthusiastic Collie smile and then shoves his butt against them. For a butt scratch, of course!
(Or he’s just crazy; that’s a possibility).

Or maybe I’M crazy for photographing dog butts.

Petal also enjoys butt scratches.
(Or is also crazy).
But she’d rather use her giant butt for evil.


Like the other day, for example, Petal literally knocked Lassie off his feet with her big butt.
I almost fell on the floor laughing.


Ella, with her itty bitty little mutt butt, is totally jealous of the Collies’ fluffy butts.
But(t  :P) she’s also glad she doesn’t have a giant booty that knocks things over.
That tail of hers, however, does some serious damage.

4 thoughts on “Collie Butts

    • ROFL! That’s hilarious!
      And I’m so glad I don’t have to be crazy alone! ;P
      That post reminds of Petal’s cowlick! She had this patch of hair that stood up straight on her back for the longest time. It drove me crazy and then once it grew out I actually missed it, lol!

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