My Dog Does Yard Work

Oh Petal.
When she’s not being sweet and innocent, she’s being demanding and crazy.
But she does yard work, so I can’t complain.

You don’t believe me?
See for yourself!
My dog does yard work!

Here she is working on pulling out one of those pesky, weird stick things (hush, I don’t know what they are).

She got it!
It’s pretty much impossible to tell in this picture, but she did get the entire thing out, root and all.
Ella does this too sometimes. They pull one out, run around the yard with them, toss them aside, then start all over again. It’s like a weird little game.

Ella, however, doesn’t take her yard work as seriously as Petal does.
It’s not all just fun and games, she says.
You’ve also got to rake the yard.

It may appear that she gave up too quickly, but she was really just tired, after all, she had just finished raking the other side of the yard.
(No, not really, but wouldn’t that have been cool? She has pulled it around a lot more than she did in this video, I just unfortunately didn’t have the camera on me that time, so you’ll just have to take my word for it).

Disclaimer: Petal is not available for hire at this time.
You’ll have to get your own dog to do the yard work. ;]

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9 thoughts on “My Dog Does Yard Work

  1. I’m impressed! I think that with the proper encouragement Tucker would do yard work. He loves to pick up leaves but it may take an awful lot of time to clean up the yard if it is one leaf at a time…..

  2. yay Petal!… I’m glad to hop by and see a lovely pooch weeding… yar really inspiring me to consider helping my big momma in her garden… xoxox Vanilla Bean

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