Ella is nutty

Ella had a lot of fun in our Valentine’s day snow (the majority of which has melted away already, bummer). A lot more fun than I thought she would.
She likes to rub her body against the fence outside, especially when there’s a nice layer of snow over it. She likes to sprinkle the snow over herself and then shake it all off.
Because she’s a little nutty.

After rubbing and slinking along the fence,

I get a lovely dusting of snow along my back! I look like a powdered sugar covered Mutt. 
Mmm, I like sugar.

Now it’s time for the shake off!

And now you’ll have that lovely wet dog smell that the humans love so much!
You’re welcome, humans.

P.S. See my social media buttons up in the right sidebar? The Chronicles of Cardigan helped me put those up and I didn’t even have to pull my hair out or scream. ;]

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