Mr. Adorable Face

This face.

This face kills me.
It’s his “Are you gonna throw that? ‘Cause I want it. Throw it! Throw it! Throw it!” face.
AKA his Mr. Adorable Face.


Do your dogs make any face that are extra super cute?
When do they make it? For a treat? Their favorite toy?


5 thoughts on “Mr. Adorable Face

  1. I only wish I could capture Stewie’s really sweet faces in a photograph…but his being camera shy doesn’t help. Tucker moves so much it is harder to do to.

    I wanted to let you know “I tagged you”. Go to my blog to learn about it!

  2. So adorable! My get cute, excited faces when I’m going to throw their rope or ball, and cute but somewhat pitiful faces when they’re longing for a taste of something I’m eating but they can’t have. They’re so entertaining! :)

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