Romping in the snow!

Tuesday, with all the snow pictures I shared, I said I would share a few videos, too.
Well, here are those videos meshed (a little sloppily, hah, sorry) into one video.
In it you will see Lassie and Petal running, barking, playing fetch (the wrong way, haha), defending the yard, Lassie rolling in snow and a few of the things he must put up with and endure when he hangs out with me and Petal. Such a patient boy he is. Haha.

Enjoy! :]

P.S. Our snow is all gone now. :[ But it was fun while it lasted!

9 thoughts on “Romping in the snow!

  1. Lassie when you’re sprinkling snow on him, hahaha. “Mooooooooommmmm,” and Petal trying to catch snow, ahahahah <3

  2. Fun video! Lassie looks so majestic (even with snow on his head), he’s just so handsome and regal. Petal seems like a hoot, and reminds me so much of Violet.

  3. Thank you everyone for taking the time to comment! 😀
    Hahah, just imagine if the two got together, Brianne. It would be insane.

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