My Dog Washes Dishes

Yard work isn’t the only chore Petal does around here.
The dishes need scrubbing just as much as the yard needs raking.

“I’m ready to wash some dishes!”


“I’ve got my scrub brush and the sink is filled with soap and water!”

“Phew! This is hard work!”


“All finished! May I have a cookie now?”

“Just because you have to do icky chores doesn’t mean you can’t look cute while doing them!”

Disclaimer: Petal is still not available for hire. Sorry folks.

P.S. If you’re thinking “Oh, poor dog!” “What a mean thing to do to the poor little thing!”— think again. Petal didn’t mind one bit and happily posed for each picture in exchange for several tasty dog treats. Petal was born to entertain… and be dressed. ;]

Happy Saturday!

9 thoughts on “My Dog Washes Dishes

  1. Oh pretty Petal! You do look cute as a little hausfrau. (But do continue to insist on the appropriate amount of cookies for such labor. :)

  2. What a renaissance dog! Hausfra is exactly the word I was looking for, Leslie. :)

    These pictures made my day.

    Why do we do these things to our Collies? Because I think they like it. I have a picture of Violet in an apron…but the kerchief is a very nice touch!

    • Hahah, I think they definitely do like it! Or at least all the attention they receive because of it. ;]
      I remember that picture of Violet! So so cute!

  3. LOL, thank you everyone! Petal’s a lovely little helper and she, of course, gets plenty of treats for her efforts. ;] <3

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