Not Funny!

“You may think you’re funny, Mom,” 

“but you’re NOT!!”

Oh, but I am, Lassie.
I am.
I’m hilarious.

Dearest Readers (yes, you!), we would love to see some pictures of our doggie friends on our Facebook! If you’re interested and willing, please go post a picture of your sweet dog(s) on our Facebook wall! Include their name(s) and, if you wish, their blog and/or Facebook urls! It’ll be fun and nice to see all your gorgeous dogs. 😀

Thank you for reading.
Have a nice day!

6 thoughts on “Not Funny!

  1. LOL – sorry, Lassie, it’s kind of funny. 😉

    What a great thing to do on your Facebook page. I may steal that idea from you at some point. :]

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