Petal hits the town!

Tuesday Petal, me and my younger sister, Melanie, went into town and walked around main street.
It was crazy windy and we were crazy to be out there, but it was fun and worth our temporary moment of insanity. ;]
I only took Petal so we could work on some training and she did very well!
Our little walk consisted of…
Lots of chit chatting with Petal.

“Hey Mom, let’s rent a tuxedo and stick it on Lassie! BOL!”

Window shopping.

Posing beside a fire hydrant.

Greeting and sniffing the creepy fake man.
This statue guy use to freak Petal out every time. Now she doesn’t bat an eye at him.

Anyway, our walk also had a little of

Petal walking herself.

Petal walking me.

And Petal playing chicken.
One street that we walked down had a small amount of sidewalk and Petal just veered right off of it and into the street, but before I could correct her, she came back up onto the sidewalk.
Don’t worry, though, her leash isn’t long enough for her to get out into the middle of the road. She really only made it to the gutter of the street and she didn’t do it again after I discouraged it.
No dogs were harmed during this walk. ;]

Did I mention how windy it was?
Yeah. There were a few times that I was sure the wind would just carry us away. I came home wiping dirt off my face and out of my ears and my eyes burned for a little while after.
It was crazy. It was fun. It blew in the snow storm we got Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

But it was lovely and we sat outside a coffee shop and watched cars drive by and some people as they worked on remodeling a movie theater that’s been for sale for years now.
I’m excited to see what they do with it. I hope they keep it a movie theater and don’t turn it into something else.


4 thoughts on “Petal hits the town!

  1. What a pretty Petal! I just love her face, it has so much personality. That looks like a fun walk. We’ve had a crazy amount of wind here too, lately.

  2. I get a chuckle out of poochies who like to “walk themselves”! Isn’t it funny what our poochies get scared of on walks? When I had horses it was garbage cans that would get my mare all snorty.

    Stewie seems scared of nothing….oh yes…getting stepped on.

  3. Thank you, ladies! <3

    Brianne, we’re always telling her that! That her face has so much personality. It’s ridiculous sometimes, haha.

    Ellen, I always get a chuckle out of it, too!
    Getting stepped on is definitely something to be a afraid of. I almost wish Petal was a little more afraid of that, it would keep her out from under my feet! Haha.

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