Yogurt Nose

Personally, I think it’s gross. Unless it’s frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt is a whole ‘nother story.
The dogs, however, love yogurt.
I like to give it to them as a tasty, special treat either on top of their food or in a Kong.
They also love to lick the container clean once it’s empty.
Petal had the honor of licking the yogurt container clean just the other day and then spent the rest of the day with a yogurt covered nose.

“Mmm! Yummy, yummy yogurt!”

What special treats do your dogs enjoy?
My dogs sometimes get cottage cheese or peanut butter and they get a raw egg once a week.

6 thoughts on “Yogurt Nose

  1. Petal would look cute with anything on her nose! My hounds love yogurt too. They get a spoonful on their food in the mornings. They also loooove carrots and icecubes! :)

    • Petal loves carrots, too! She loves most vegetables; the crunchier the better!
      My collies love ice cubes, too. Ella doesn’t understand why you would want something that cold in your mouth, though. lol!

    • My dogs could eat it all day long, if allowed! ;]
      Sherman looks like he’s doing well, by the way. We’re so glad. 😀

  2. I make my own yogurt which tastes nothing like store bought. I don’t like store bought either. If you every want to learn how to make it I will gladly share the how to’s.

    The poochies love yogurt, cottege cheese, carrot, blueberries…oh yes!

    • You make your own? That’s very neat! I’m definitely interested and curious to know the how to’s of that!

      Ohh, yummy! Petal loves fruit just as much as she loves her veggies. Lassie and Ella can be a little more picky. Okay, a lot more picky. ;]

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