My Dog does Laundry

You probably thought Petal’s chores ended at yard work and washing dishes.
But a girl’s work is never done.
Especially not when there is laundry that needs tending to.

Petal is going to show you dogs at home how to do laundry, step by step!

“You ready to do some laundry, Petal?”

“Let’s do this thing!”

“First you have to put clothes in.”

“I’m washing socks!”

“Then you have to close the door and push some buttons. Make sure you focus on your person’s hand, so they don’t forget to give you a treat after each step!”

“See this? This is where the soap goes. You’ll have to get your human to put the soap in, since it’s heavy and we haven’t got opposable thumbs.”

“Then you gotta close the soap compartment. My favorite part!”

“Here’s a video so you can see me in action!”

“Then you remind your human to give you some extra treats and you’re done!”

Happy Saturday!
Have a lovely weekend!


6 thoughts on “My Dog does Laundry

  1. Oh my goodness Petal you are such a clever girl! And you looked quite sweet in your pink bandana too.

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