Yard Patrol

“Petal! I heard something! Quick! It’s time to patrol the yard!”

“It’s coming from over here! Let’s go!”

“Rooo! Roo roo roo!”
“Uhhh, Ella, it was just a barrel rolling around in the wind. I think we’re safe.”

“What? Just a barrel?! Oh… I suppose you’re right.”
“Should we keep barking anyway?”
“Why not?”

Happy Saturday!


8 thoughts on “Yard Patrol

  1. I’m so glad that blog hop led me to a Collie – and lovely mixed breed – doggie site :-)
    I do so enjoy Collies and Labs, no matter what you mix them with. Glad to meet your pack!

  2. Thank you everyone for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the post! 😀 Hope you all had a lovely St. Patrick’s day.

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