Pep Talk

Petal loves to give pep talks to her dog siblings.
AKA, barking directly into their ear when they aren’t doing what she wants them to do.
What she wants them to do = run around the yard with her like they’re herding invisible sheep.
Today it was Ella’s turn to experience her eardrums exploding one of Petal’s lovely and uplifting pep talks.

“C’mon, Ella! You can do it! Just one more lap around the yard! Do it for me… do it for the children.”
“What children?”
“PRETEND there are children and do it for them!”
“Yeah, not happening. I need a breather.”
“Only wimps take breathers! Wimpy little cats!
“You call this a pep talk?”
“It’s called tough love, sister.”

“FINE! I’ll run, but just to shut you up!”

“Happy now, Petal?”
*panting* *gasping dramatically* “I neeeeed waaaterrrr!”

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